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Strategy consultants say that an organization will only succeed to the extent that clear processes and tools are in place to build, support, and maintain that organization and its strategy. Let me help you today.


Today’s choices for new technology are many and can sometimes seem overwhelming. The decision to buy into new technologies depends on the needs and perceived benefits of the church. Implementation & training can be time consuming. Let me help you today.


Designing, upgrading, and maintaining a website can take a lot of time. Time better spent in other areas. Let me help you today.


Living in the Fredericksburg area enables me to travel to the greater DC area as well as Richmond. Outside those areas? Technology enables me to consult via Skype and other platforms. Let me help you today.


If you feel your church is stuck and not sure how to move forward, sometimes the best thing is for a fresh set of eyes to take a look, offer suggestions, process through possible changes. Let me help you today.


Do you need help in another area. Contact me and let me help you today.


I love the church deeply and want to help her and you as you seek to grow God’s kingdom through your local church. I would love to consult with you for the administrative, technology, and various other needs of your church.



My name is Jeremy and I have been in vocational ministry for over 10 years – including college ministry, church internships, church revitalization, and church planting. I’ve helped start and build ministries. One thing I’ve seen in all of them is that there is a great need for people gifted in administration and technology. I started a consulting effort, to help small churches that are not able to bring on another staff but are needing help particularly in the area of administration and technology as they look to grow. I've served in the local church for many years in various roles. This makes me uniquely gifted and attentive to the needs and challenges of church ministry.

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